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Grow Your Year-End Bonus

​​​Your year-end bonus is a strong validation of your work done over the year. The additional cash can either come in handy or be squandered in a flash! Do you know there are many ways you could make sure your hard-earned bonus goes a longer way? 

Join us at the workshop that aims to help you make financially smarter decisions with your year-end bonus, enjoying the fruit of your hard work and watching it grow.

Highlights of the course includes:

  *   How can I save on my personal income tax?
  *   What insurance and investment tools are suitable for you?
  *   How can I grow my year-end bonus smartly?
At the end of the workshop, participants get to apply what they learned in an interactive mobile game that pit against each other, competing to be the true Moneyboss.
The Trainer:
Aaron Goh is the Master Trainer for Young Investpreneur and Savvy Millennial. He has more than 12 years of experience in the financial industry, providing financial advisory and legacy planning for high net worth individuals globally.
Not affiliated to any financial institution, he has provided a truly independent financial advisory to many and helped many built their own DIY financial portfolio.